ZD-0240-KC Large Soldering Accessoires Set

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    Accessory set for soldering operations, consisting of one 100g coil soldering tin 1,0mm lead-free, desoldering pump, desolder wick, solder paste and a workpiece holder with magnifying glass

    Product Description

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    • Workpiece holder made of nickel-plated steel with 2 flexible alligator clips, magnifying glass (2-times) and heavy metal base
    • desoldering pump in metal version with Teflon-tip
    • 1 coil SMD soldering tin 100g, lead-free, 1,0mm diameter, Sn99,3 Cu0,7
    • Desolder wick 1,5mm
    • Solder paste ZD-170, 50g in round tin

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