ZD-0240-KC Large Soldering Accessoires Set

    Item no. 0240 Available

    Accessory set for soldering operations, consisting of one 100g coil soldering tin 1,0mm lead-free, desoldering pump, desolder wick, solder paste and a workpiece holder with magnifying glass

    by Arn... Date Added: Tuesday 16 October, 2018

    3 of 5 stars!

    What to expect for that price segment.

    The pump looks and feels good but after 50 times pressing the button it started to block a few times. The next 30 times so far worked good but I expect to have this trouble in the near future again.

    The sponges do their job properly without burn.

    The holder is a bit tricky and together with the magnifying glass not easy and comfortable to adjust so I often end not using the glass even for repairing consumer eletronics like gamepads.

    The information about the desolder wick and solder paste are unsufficient (you get what you can read in the photos - not a word more. For the tin this information is sufficient for beginners.

    The tin flows nicely.

    One can work with it but to enjoy the work one should invest a bit more I guess.

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