ZD-915ESD Digital Desolder Station ESD

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    Desoldering station ZD-915, ESD-safe, with short heating updesoldering gun, digital display with target and actual value oftemperature

    Product Description

    This station possesses a desoldering gun which is digitaly regulated between 160° and 480°C. LC-displays shows the target- and current temperature value of each part of the station. This allows to heat up a soldered joint and siphon the liquescent solder.

    • Ideal for hobby, school, workshop, service and lab
    • Compact, stable, protective insulated housing of coated steel sheet with plastics front panel
    • Desoldering gun and holder included
    • Digital display of target- and actual temperatue
    • Electronic sensor for temperature regulating
    • Short heating-up times thanks to amply designed power supplies.
    • Powerful 80 Watt (130W heating up) desolder iron for a wide range of application
    • Accurate temperature adjustment in 1°C steps with buttons between 160...480°C
    • Optical and akkoustic error indication in case of mailfunction
    • Ceramic heater
    • ESD-protection

    Technical Specifications

    Input Voltage:230V, 50Hz
    Desolering gun:Voltage: 24VAC, Power: 80W (130W heating up), temperature range: 160-480°C, vacuum: 0,8bar
    Dimension/Weight:180x225x173mm, 3.3kg

    Scope of Delivery

    • Desoldering Station ZD-915
    • Power Cord
    • Desoldering Gun ZD-552 with tip 1,0mm
    • 2 tips for desoldering gun 0,8mm and 1,2mm
    • 3 needles for cleaning the desoldering tip
    • Additional Filter for the desoldering gun
    • Support for desoldering gun to place at the station
    • Manual englisch and german

    See information for disposial of batteries and electrical equipment

    Price 109.70€ inclusive tax and shipping. plus shipping cost outside Germany
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