Baren B-757B Air Purifier with Ozon and Aroma

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    Ambient air purifier B-757B up to 62,5m³ (25m²), remote control,HEPA and activated carbon filter, ozon, photocatalysis, UV lamp, ions andaroma.

    User manual

    Product Description

    • Remote control
    • HEPA filter (always working)
    • Activated carbon filter (always working)
    • Photocatalysis (can be switched on/off together with UV lamp)
    • UV light (can be switched on/off)
    • Ion generator (can be switched on/off)
    • Ozon generator (can be switched on/off)
    • Aroma
    • Up to 62,5m³ (ambient ca. 25 m² at 2,5m height)


    • HEPA filter: minimum particular size: 300nm (0,3µm or 0,0003mm)
    • Activated carbon filter: 300.000m² area
    • Negative Ions: ca. 5x106 per cm³
    • UV-light: 6W, 254nm
    • Ozon approx. 50mg/h
    • Air purification: ≥99,965%
    • Bacterial purification: ≥90%
    • Filter life time: approximate 1 year, depending on operating time and environmental conditions
    • Ventilation system performance: 3 levels, 70, 100 and 150m³/h
    • Noise emmision: depending on level: 25, 32 and 40dB
    • Power consumption: depending on level: 13, 22 and 33W, max 48W
    • Input: 230V/50Hz
    • Size: 330 x 305 x 170mm
    • Weight: ca. 4kg

    Function diagram

    1. HEPA filter
    2. UV-lamp
    3. Photocatalysis
    4. Activated carbon filter
    5. Ozon
    6. Ions
    Function diagram of Komerci air purifier

    Scope of delivery air purifier B-757B

    • Air purifier B 757B including filter (HEPA-, Activated carbon/photocatalyst, UV-Lamp and citron aroma)
    • Remote control
    • Battery for remote control
    • German manual

    See information for disposial of batteries and electrical equipment

    Price 79.00€ 75.00€ inclusive tax and shipping. plus shipping cost outside Germany
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