QJ3005P Regulated Power Supply, adjustable 30V/5A OCP programmable

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    Regulated Power Supply 0-30V, 0-5A, adjustable, OCP-function, programmable and controllable via USB with PC

    Product Description

    Regulated Power Supply where the output voltage and the output current are continuously adjustable. The output voltage can be regulated from 0-30V in steps of 10mV. The current limiting value can be adjusted in mA steps from 0-5A.

    The device is stabilized and short circuit proof. Ideal for usage in laboratories, schools and training centers.

    It has an OCP-function which can be acticated. When it is active, no current is supplied if the set current limiting value is reached. The two current limiting values for the use with or without OCP can be set independently without flowing current.

    The heat dissipation is designated by a temperature controlled fan.

    The Power Supply can be controlled with the supplied software via an USB connection with a PC. The operating buttons at the device are thereby locked.

    Voltage and current can be adjusted with the software. In addition, a sequence of datasets can be defined, which each includes the value and duration of voltage and current. This sequence can then be requested.


    • LED display for output voltage with 2 decimal digits
    • LED display for output current with 3 decimal digits
    • Voltage and current adjustment: every decimal digit can be selected for adjustment
    • Current limitation is also adjustable without current flow
    • OCP-Function can be switch-on and off
    • Output terminals with screw terminal for 4 mm plug without sleeve
    • Front panel made from plastic
    • 3 programmable presets
    • USB port, electrically isolated, to control the power supply via PC
    • Software for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (32 and 64 Bit)
    • Stabilized and short circuit proof through current limitation
    • Active cooling
    • Power connection with cold-device cable


    Input Voltage:230V ±10%, 50Hz ±2Hz
    Fuse: 250V / 2A
    Output Voltage:0-30V DC adjustable
    Output Current:0-5A adjustable
    Source effect:CV ≤ 0,01%+3mV, CC ≤ 0,1%+3mA
    Load effect:CV ≤ 0,01%+2mV, CC ≤ 0,1%+10mA
    Setup resolution:10mV/1mA
    Setup accuracy:≤ 0,5%+20mV, ≤ 0,5%+10mA
    Ripple :≤ 2mV (rms), ≤ 3mA (rms)
    Temperature coefficient:≤ 100ppm+10mV, ≤ 100ppm+5mA
    Read back accuracy:10mV/1mA
    read back temp. coefficient:≤ 100ppm+10mV, ≤ 100ppm+5mA
    Reaction time:voltage rise: ≤ 100ms, voltage drop: ≤ 100ms
    Weight:approx. 4,8kg
    Dimensions:WxHxD: 115x190x240mm

    Scope of delivery

    • DC adjustable Power supply 5A
    • Software for Windows
    • USB-cable
    • Power cord (cold-device cable)
    • Manual

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    Price 94.40€ inclusive tax and shipping. plus shipping cost outside Germany
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