QJ1503C Regulated Power Supply, adjustable 15V/3A

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    Regulated Power Supply 0-15V, 0-3A, active cooling

    Product Description

    Regulated Power Supply where the output voltage and the output current are continuously adjustable.

    The easy to read LED-display has two 3-digit values (A & V).

    The device is stabilized and short circuit proof. Ideal for usage in laboratories, schools and training centers.


    • Display for output voltage with 1 decimal digit
    • Display for output current with 2 decimal digits
    • Output terminals with screw terminal for 4 mm plug without sleeve
    • Voltage- and current adjustment
    • Short-circuit resistance by current limiting
    • Active cooling


    Input Voltage:230V AC, 50Hz
    Output Voltage:0-15V DC continuous adjustable
    Output Current:0-3A continuous adjustable
    Voltage Regulation: CV < 1x10-4 +3mV, CC < 2x10-3 +3mA
    Load Regulation:CV < 1x10-4 +3mV, CC < 2x10-3 +3mA
    Ripple & Noise: CV < 1mV (rms), CC < 3mA (rms)
    Indication Accuracy:Voltage: ┬▒(1%+0,2V), Current: ┬▒(2%+0,02A)
    Display:2 LCD Displays with green backlight, 2 decimal digits for Current and 1 decimal digit for Voltage
    Weight:approx. 2,8kg
    Dimensions [mm]: WxHxD: 95x150x265 (incl. terminals)

    Scope of delivery

    • DC adjustable power supply 15V/3A
    • Power cord (cold-device cable)
    • Manual

    See information for disposial of batteries and electrical equipment

    Preis 42,25€ einschließlich MwSt. und Versandkosten. Versandkosten außerhalb Deutschlands
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