PS3060C Switching Power Supply, adjustable, 30V/60A

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    Regulated Power Supply 0-30V, 0-60A, switching power supply with active cooling

    Product Description

    This regulated direct current power supply is ideal for usage in laboratories, schools and training centers. It's a precise adjustable power supply in a solid sheet steel casing.

    The output voltage can be continously adjusted from 0-30V, the current limiting value can be continously adjusted from 0-60A.

    The device is stabilized and short circuit proof through limitation of the output current.

    The heat dissipation is designated by an internal heat sink, which is supported through a fan at higher temperatures.


    • Display for output voltage with 1 decimal digit
    • Display for output current with 1 decimal digit
    • Massive output terminals with screw terminals on the front
    • Passive and active cooling
    • High efficiency, low weight and low heat generation through switching power supply technology
    • FI-switch on the back
    • Power connection with cold-device cable


    Input Voltage:230V, 50Hz
    Output Voltage:0-30V DC continuous adjustable
    Output Current:continuous adjustable, max. 60A
    Output Power:30V x 60A = 1.800W max.
    Ripple & Noise:CV < 120mV (rms), CC < 100mA (rms)
    Display Accuracy:Voltage: ±(0,5%+0,2V), Current: ±(3%+0,5A)
    Weight:approx. 6,15kg
    Dimensions:WxHxD: 270x160x372mm including handle and output terminals

    Scope of delivery

    • DC regulated power supply PS-3060 60A, 30V
    • Power cord (cold-device cable)
    • Manual

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    Price 399.00€ inclusive tax and shipping. plus shipping cost outside Germany
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