HP-760C Digital Multimeter Maloperating Blocker Inductivity Measurement

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    Digital Multimeter HP-760C, direct and alternate current and voltage, resistance, capacitance, inductivity, frequency, transistor hFE- diode and continuity test, temperature

    Product Description

    This instrument is a compact, battery operated, handheld 3 1/2 digital multimeter, designed for use by technicians, servicemen, students and hobbyists who require an instrument that is accurate, reliable and always ready for use.

    The Dual-slope A/D converter uses C-MOS technology for auto-zeroing, polarity selection and overrange indication. Full overload protection is provided.

    The malfunction blocker is a mechanical blocking system for terminal sockets to prevent mistake operation.

    • Display: LCD, 3 1/2 Digits, with background light and big numbers (height: 27mm)
    • On/Off button
    • Data hold function
    • Automatic polarity indication
    • Automatic zero setting
    • Overrange indication -1 or 1
    • Low battery indication


    • Direct Voltage: 200mV, 20V, 1000V
    • Alternate voltage: 2V, 20V, 700V
    • Direct Current (DC): 2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 2A
    • Alternate Current (AC): 2mA, 200mA, 20A
    • Resistance: 200Ω, 2kΩ, 20kΩ, 200kΩ, 20MΩ
    • Capacitance: 20nF, 2μF, 200μF
    • Inductivity: 20mH, 200mH, 2H, 20H
    • Frequency 200kHz
    • Temperature: -40 - 1000°C
    • Diode test: 1,5mA and 3V
    • Continuity test: accoustic <80Ω approx. 3V
    • Transistor test (hFE)

    Technical Specifiation

    • Safety standards: IEC1010 double insulation, pollution degree 2, over voltage category III
    • Power: 9V-Batterie
    • Temperature for accuracy: 23°C ±5°C
    • Operating environment: 0-40°C, relative Luftfeuchte ≤75%rH
    • Storage environment: -20-60°C, relative Luftfeuchte ≤80%rH
    • Dimension (WxHxL): 88 x 40 x 190mm
    • Weight: 320g included batteries

    Scope of Delivery

    • Multimeter HP-760C
    • Test leads red/black
    • Temperature probe (-5-250°C)
    • Instruction manual

    See information for disposial of batteries and electrical equipment

    Price 38.90€ inclusive tax and shipping. plus shipping cost outside Germany
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