HP-870K Digital Dual Display AC/DC Clamp Multimeter

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    Digital Dual Display AC/DC Clamp Multimeter, AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature (sensor), diode and audible continuity test.

    Product Description

    This LCD Auto Range & Auto Power off Digital AC/DC clamp multimeter is a portable, 3 3/4-digit multimeter. It is ideally suited for field, laborator, shop and home applications.

    • LCD 50x25mm, character height 15mm
    • AC/DC current with clamp, measurement range 4A or 30A
    • AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode and audible continuity test with test leads
    • Temperature with NiCr-NiSi-sensor
    • Automatic or manual range control
    • Automatic negative polarity indication
    • Automatic zero adjustment
    • Overrange indication
    • Low battery indication
    • Auto Power off (30 minutes after stopping the switch or no push button)
    • Relative measurements


    • Displays: 3 3/4 digit LCD, max. reading: 3999, with backlight
    • Safety standards: IEC1010, Double Insulation, Pollution Degree 2, Overvoltage Category III
    • Operating environment: 0~40°C, humidity < 80% rH
    • Storage environment: -20~60°C, humidity < 90% rH
    • Power supply: 9V battery
    • Clamp diameter: app. 21mm
    • Clamp opening size: 45mm
    • Dimension: 95x210x40mm
    • Weight: app. 330g (incl. battery)

    scope of supply

    • Clamp multimeter HP-870K
    • Keeping bag
    • Test leads
    • Thermocouple type K, -5 to 250°C
    • English and german manual

    See information for disposial of batteries and electrical equipment

    Price 67.50€ inclusive tax and shipping. plus shipping cost outside Germany
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