KML9002-5D-FS3 11W Magnifier lamp 5-D with wheeled stand FS3 and dimmer

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    White cold light magnifier lamp with wheeled stand FS-3 and 190x157mm 5 dioptres lens of glas, as jointed arm lamp with 2x30 LEDs, color white, 11W, dimmable

    Product Description


    • Working distance between objekt and lens: approx. 200mm
    • 1cm is magnified to 2,25cm
    • Adjustable jointed arm with table clamp (10-60mm)
    • Heavy stand with 6 wheels for a save stand
    • Glas lens 190x157mm with 5 dioptres
    • 2x30 LEDs
    • Dimmer
    • On/off switch
    • Cover for LEDs
    • Color: white
    • Weight: approx. 10,8kg

    Specifications lamp

    • Magnification 5 dioptres: 1,25-times (corresponds 125% or factor 2,25) with 200mm focal length (corresponds the distance between objekt and lens)
    • Light power: 1350 lumen
    • Light temperature: 6550K
    • Lens: approx. 150mm diameter
    • Arm length: 810mm from lower to upper joint and 415 mm from lower to middle joint (measurements from the centre of the joints)
    • Dimensions of stem: length approx. 50mm, diameter: approx. 12,5mm
    • Power: 11W
    • Weight: approx. 3,6kg
    • Input voltage: 230V/50Hz

    Specifications stand

    • Inner diameter of the socket: 13mm
    • Diameter of the bar: 32mm
    • Number of wheels: 5
    • Height: 720mm
    • Base diameter: 450mm
    • Weight: approx. 7,2kg

    Scope of delivery

    • Magnifier lamp KML-9006LED with 5 dioptres
    • Wheeled stand FS-3

    See information for disposial of batteries and electrical equipment

    Price 119.00€ inclusive tax and shipping. plus shipping cost outside Germany
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