Marreal AP3001B Air purifier up to 60m² with HEPA H13 filter & UVC disinfection

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    Air purifier white, max. 150m³ (60m² at 2,5m room height), Pre,- HEPA-, activated carbon filter, UV light, photocatalysis, ion generator, particle sensor, night mode, automatic mode, 4 fan speeds, touch panel, air quality indication, remote control

    Product Description


    • Prefilter (always working)
    • HEPA-filter (always working)
    • Activated carbon filter (always working)
    • Ion generator (can be switched on/off)
    • Photocatalysis (can be switched on/off together with UV lamp)
    • UV light (can be switched on/off)
    • 4 fan speeds
    • Air flow: intake front, output above
    • Night mode (lowest fan speed and switched off illumination)
    • Air quality indication through particle sensor (can be switched on/off)
    • Automatic mode (sensor mode)
    • Filter change reminder after 1600 operating hours
    • Recommended for up to approx. 150m³ (room size approx. 60 m²)
    • Remote control


    • Prefilter: 330x425x3mm, washable
    • HEPA-filter: 330x425x22mm, smallest particle size 300nm (0,3μm or 0,0003mm)
    • Activated carbon filter: 330x425x16mm
    • Photocatalysis: 330x425x7mm, TiO2-coating
    • UV-light: 2x6W (254nm)
    • Filter durability: average 6-12 months depending on air quality and operation
    • Fan speed: 4 levels, 170, 220, 280 and 370m³/h
    • Noise level: depending on fan speed: 15, 38, 45 and 62dB
    • Power rating: depending on fan speed: approx. 4, 10, 19 and 55W, max. 70W
    • Voltage supply: 230V/50Hz
    • Length of power cord: approx. 1,52m
    • Dimensions: approx. 402 x 625 x 190mm (WxHxD)
    • Weight: approx. 8,7kg

    Scope of delivery

    • Air purifier Marreal AP3001B including filter
    • Remote control
    • Manual

    See information for disposial of batteries and electrical equipment

    Price 293.00€ inclusive tax and shipping. plus shipping cost outside Germany
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